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I index texts on the above subjects, and also accept books in other areas at a popular or introductory level of readership.

Subject Specialisms (see also Background)

I have indexed a number of Art History texts aimed at the general reader and regularly take courses and visit exhibitions to expand my knowledge. In 2018 I was involved as a subject indexer in the creation of the online Chronicle250 review of the history of the RA Summer Exhibitions produced by the Paul Mellon centre for the Royal Academy. I am interested in women artists, and have indexed five titles in the Modern Women Artists series produced by Eiderdown Books.

Indexes are important in children's non-fiction books. As a librarian I taught primary school groups how to use books and indexes and have useful insights  which inform how I create indexes for younger children. In addition I have a wide experience of indexing school and vocational textbooks at all levels.

I have enjoyed indexing Local History accounts and for many years managed library local history collections. Texts include a history of Ventnor IOW, and the history of Hughes Hall, Cambridge.I am particularly interested in Social History, and have indexed texts on a variety of historical periods. I volunteer with a couple of local heritage projects.

Degree level studies in psychology underpin my indexes for psychology and health and well-being texts, and books on education.

I have had a lifelong interest and participation in classical singing. Books indexed on various Music topics including music education, music therapy, electronic music, music hall and jazz.

  Children's Books (Various topics)                                                                                   
  School and Vocational Textbooks  (Business Studies, Child Development and Early Years, History, Psychology, Science)           
  Art History - Coaching and Counselling - Local History - Music and Drama  - Psychology - Health & Wellbeing - Self-Help          
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