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Client Comments


Naturally, the index looks flawless - thank you again! This will be a really valuable and useful (nay, essential!) addition to the book.

Cambridge International AS and A Level Business 2nd Edition

Wow, I’m seriously impressed – thanks for a beautiful job, Jan!

FREEMAN - Ice blocks from Norway

This is a fantastic index, thank you! You've included all the things I hoped to find in there.

HUDSON - Overcoming Fragmentation in Teacher Education Policy and Practice    

This looks good, and is coming in at exactly the right extent. It more than meets requirements

FORD - Rise of the Robots         

Thank you for doing this. It looks absolutely fine.

WAUGH and WRIGHT - Superpower relations and the Cold War          


Thanks ever so much for revising this for us, it looks brilliant! 

ROBERTS - OCR A-level Sociology                        

Thank you for sending us such a well-written index

UNESCO - Education For All Global Monitoring Report 2015                         


Looks good to me - well done!

FREEMAN - Victorians in search of winter health                                        


Thanks so much for the completed index (it looks excellent)

NOLAN - Working with children and young people          


I am absolutely amazed by the work done. You've done such a terrific job. The index looks good.

KEARNS - The Mirror Crack'd    

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