Client Comments


This is a fantastic index, thank you! You've included all the things I hoped to find in there.

Overcoming Fragmentation in Teacher Education Policy and Practice    

This looks good, and is coming in at exactly the right extent. It more than meets requirements

FORD - Rise of the Robots         

Thank you for doing this. It looks absolutely fine.

WAUGH and WRIGHT - Superpower relations and the Cold War          


Thanks ever so much for revising this for us, it looks brilliant! 

ROBERTS - OCR A-level Sociology                        

Thank you for sending us such a well-written index

UNESCO - EFA Global Monitoring Report 2015                         


Looks good to me - well done!

FREEMAN - Victorians in search of winter health                                        


Thanks so much for the completed index (it looks excellent)

NOLAN - Working with children and young people          


I am absolutely amazed by the work done. You've done such a terrific job. The index looks good.

KEARNS - The Mirror Crack'd